Safety First!
Before each ride everyone receives a basic lesson on how to ride a horse. Helmets are required for anyone 18 and under but are available to everyone. Small children will ride in the guide’s laps, no exceptions. Older children with no riding experience or that may be a little nervous may have a lead rope attached to the guides horse.
Also available are trailering to Big Otter Trailhead in Old Forge or up North to the High Peaks!
Beautiful Adirondack Woods:
This ride is a little over an hour in length. It starts off with a slow climb up a small mountain and descents on switchbacks. Straightening out down a sandy trail we often see deer, turkey, grouse, and other wildlife. The trail crosses Eagle Creek with a breathtaking view of Cascade Ridge. It then ascends another sandy hill and takes a long loop through the beautiful Adirondack woods and makes its way home.
Cascade Lake:
Cascade Lake is just one of my two wilderness lake rides and both are popular with our guests. Cascade Lakes destination is a gorgeous grassy area with a large sandy beach and shallow warm water. I suggest bringing a lunch or snacks with you. We can accommodate cold items in our insulated saddle bags. You can view a couple short videos on both of the lakes on my Facebook ! We can always make it long enough to barbecue, you can see pictures of that on my Facebook photos.
Cascade Falls:
The Cascade Falls are nestled back in the woods around Cascade Lake. Use our insulated saddle bags to bring a lunch or snack to have by the relaxing sound of the water falls.
Moss Lake:
The trail around Moss Lake is 3 1/2 miles. Moss Lake was originally a girl’s camp with a horseback riding program which explains its use as an equine trail today. Enjoy a lunch/snack break and observe the active osprey nest located on the island

When you reserve in full, you save BIG!

  • BOOK BY 3/31 and save 50% or more for vets, in fact the 3.5 and longer vets can have some discounts through out the season

Ride Lengths and Price per Person:

1 hour: $45
2 hour 30 min: $95
3 hour 30 min: $140
4 hour 30 min: $175
5 hour 30 min: $195

Reservation dates may be moved up to two weeks before the ride, after 2 weeks availability will change. I want you to have a great time; any ride booked will never lose their value. We won’t hold anybody to a reservation if rain makes it to dangerous to ride or if it’s raining too much to enjoy the ride. We also understand family emergence We will rebook or refund, Please call 1-800-HORSEBACK in NY and surrounding states with any questions or from anywhere 315-390-4005 to learn more.  Have a great day! – John J. Evans                          Gift Certificates are available!